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— Kids & Teen Cooking Camps —

Summer 2017

What a great opportunity for kids  this summer!

Does your child refer to extra virgin olive oil as E.V.O.O and do they HAVE to be home to watch the latest episode of “Chopped” ? If so, you may have a budding chef or cheffette on your hands! If your child loves to help you prepare dinner in the kitchen or is advanced enough to cook an entire meal, please fuel that passion by sending them to summer cooking camp at The Kitchen Workshop! Our summer programs will introduce your child to many aspects of the culinary and baking worlds. Along with knife skills, nutrition, kitchen sanitation and safety, your child will spend a week cooking dishes “hands-on.”


Why send your child to The Kitchen Workshop Summer Cooking Camp?

  • The fee camp includes all supplies and food costs.
  • Max 10 campers per weekly session.
  • Personal hands-on instruction only. NO Demonstrations!
  • A friendly and casual, adult supervised environment.

Camp 17 Just Added!
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Cooking is so

much more than

just cooking!!!


Math skills





•Sequencing- what comes 1st, 2nd, 3rd





•Problem solving


Reading skills

•Improving their reading skills

•Vocabulary through new words


Chemistry and Science


•Discovering food groups

•Making predictions


•How food grows

•How food changes while cooking

•Five senses

•Sensory exploration-with hands on and feeling the ingredients while cooking


Geography lessons

•Cultural recipes

•Where food grows

Art lessons


•Creativity-make their own unique recipes


History lessons

•Recipes through generations

•Family recipes/family history


Health lessons

•How to eat healthy

•Good nutrition


Social Skills


•Safety and Cleanliness

•Working together


•Building self esteem


Fine motor skills

•Chopping, whisking, kneading, pouring, mixing, cutting, rolling


Remember, Your child will build confidence, learn about kitchen safety, gain an understanding of nutrition, make new friends, and above all, have the most fun they’ve ever had in the kitchen! Space is very limited so sign up today!




— Camp Schedule —

Offering 14 Half Day Camps

Just Added:

Kids Can Cook & Bake, Too - Kid's Favorites!

Ages 8-12

Camp #18: August 21-August25  9am-Noon   ***SPACE STILL AVAILABLE***



Jr Chef Cooking & Baking

Ages 12-15

Camp #17: August 14-18   9am-Noon ***LMITED SPACE STILL AVAILABLE***

Kids Can 
Cook Too!

Ages 8-12

Does your child grab your apron strings and get under foot when you’re preparing meals? If so, you may have a budding Emeril or Rachel living in your household!  Please foster their cooking  interest in the relaxed and conducive learning environment at The Kitchen Workshop for a week. Healthy and occasionally indulgent recipes will be mastered in camp this week giving you a personal “sous chef” with your meal preparation at home.  Along with many awesome recipes  and basic cooking techniques, kids will be introduced to common kitchen tools, ingredients and kitchen safety. We’ll also reinforce good table manners along with learning how to set a  proper dinner table!

Camp #2: June 19-23, 1pm-4pm Sold Out

Camp #3: June 26-30, 9am-Noon Sold Out
Camp #6: July 10-14, 1pm-4pm Sold Out
Camp #7: July 17-21, 9am-Noon  Sold Out

Camp #9: July 24-28, 9am-Noon Sold Out


Kids Can 
Bake Too!

Ages 8-12

Baking is not just for girls, thank you! When baking from “scratch”, math and basic science play a very big and important role in the recipe. Yes, pun intended!  So along with  creating delicious baked goods, your child will also be reinforcing their knowledge of fractions, measurement and basic science without them even realizing it. From cookies, cupcakes and  pies to pizzas and bread, a week spent at camp is sure to be a fun and educational time for your future baker. If they’re that kid that must slap flour on their cheeks when baking with you, then this is definitely the place for them to spend a week!



Camp #1: June 19-23, 9am-Noon Sold Out

Camp #4: June 26-30, 1pm-4pm Sold Out
Camp #5: July 10-14, 9am-Noon  Sold Out

Camp #8: July 17-21, 1pm-4pm Sold Out
Camp #10: July 24-28, 1pm-4-pm Sold Out


For FULL DAY Camp Sign Up For Both Morning And Afternoon Sessions!

Jr. Chef's Baking Camp

Ages 12-15


Kids get just as excited as adults by the magic that happens when  a few basic ingredients are expertly mixed together and then popped into the oven. Few things are as rewarding as baking at home. In this week’s camp we’ll be baking classic American desserts as well as a few international favorites. So from Bundt cakes to baklava, your child is in for a very special and exciting week!



Camp #12: July 31-Aug 4, 1pm-4pm Sold Out

Camp #14: Aug 7-11, 1pm-4pm Sold Out


Ages 12-15

This camp will focus on reviewing basic cooking techniques and also introduce participants to more advanced techniques such as knife skills, meal planning and food plating. This camp is aimed at the child that is seriously looking to pursue a career in the culinary arts or one that just really enjoys spending time in the kitchen, watching cooking shows and can’t get enough of preparing a delicious, homemade meal.



Camp #11: July 31-Aug 4, 9am-Noon Sold Out

Camp #13: Aug 7-11, 9am-Noon Sold Out




Jr. Chef's Cooking Camp



21 Plank Avenue, Suite 204
Paoli, PA 19301

(Behind Starbucks on Rt. 30)



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