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We have switched to a new software to run our registrations. If you have a Gift Certificate that was purchased before September 16, 2017 you will need to email with your name, phone number, old gift certificate number, registration number (if known) and your email address. Once we verify the old gift certificate is valid, you will be emailed a replacement one that can be used to register for classes.

What's Cooking?

Notebooks purchased, pencils sharpened and home work already being assigned!

Why should the kids have all the fun?

Let adults learn something new, hone their cooking skills or just get out of their cooking rut with other adults that enjoy everything food.
Beginning this Wednesday, September 12 from 6:00pm-9:00pm and continuing every Wednesday until October 17, Art will be either igniting or reigniting your passion for cooking in the kitchen!
“Six Essential Basic Cooking Techniques for the Home Cook”
Although the weekly skills being taught may seem elementary, they are the basis for creating magic in the kitchen and essential building blocks to base all of your other cooking on with amazing results.

The series itinerary is as follows….
Wednesday, September 12, 6-9pm, “Knife Skills”
Wednesday, September 19, 6-9pm, “Cooking Meats”
Wednesday, September 26, 6-9:00pm, “Making Pan Sauces”
Wednesday, October 3, 6-9:00pm, “Roasting Vegetables”
Wednesday, October 10, 6-9:00pm, “Blanching Green Vegetables”
Wednesday, October 17, 6-9:00pm, “Cooking Leafy Greens”
Fee for 6-week course is $384.00 which includes…
All food and supplies needed, personal hands-on instruction , a maximum of 8 participants in each class and soft-bound text.
You also get another priceless bonus for registering for this series:
The ability to take as many other classes during the 6-week series for FREE.
No limit!!!
Also, if you can not attend every class, have no worries! There will be 2 make up Wednesdays after the series has ended to make-up missed sessions.
Please register soon as there are a limited number of spaces available.

Volunteers Wanted

Art is looking for volunteers to help expedite his classes-weekday evenings and weekends. In exchange for helping with kitchen clean-up you can earn a free Gift Certificate that you can use for a future class or gift to someone else.  Collect enough and you can have your own private party with your closest friends and family at The Kitchen Workshop. Call Art for details.

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 January 2016

January 2016