We have been getting so many letters telling us about the wonderful experiences people have had taking our classes we thought we would share them with you. If you would like to write about your experience at one of our classes please click here:


On June 24, 2016, Michele wrote:
Awesome time with friends and family at The Kitchen Workshop
Last evening I held a private party at The Kitchen Workshop. We grilled the most delicious food and had loads of laughs while doing it. Art was a great host and many times added to our comedy. Heather did a great job keeping our stations clean. For many people in our group it was their first class, but they are already talking about attending other classes in the future.
Thank you,


On May 27, 2016, Leesa wrote:

This week, I visited my friend in Pottstown, PA, having moved from PA 2 years ago to Charlotte, NC. My first request upon getting back to PA was to go to a cooking class at the Kitchen Workshop! It brought back so many memories of the times I took classes from Art when I lived here, on topics ranging from party foods to healthy eating. This week our class was 'Pool Side Appetizers' and it was a blast! Art has a great sense of humor and had us all laughing from the moment we arrived. I've never had this much fun in a class. Art's classes are full of cooking tips (I learn something every time I'm there) and the recipes are wonderful, really worth the investment in the class. I hope I can visit beautiful PA again soon. You can bet I'll take the time to get in a cooking class while I'm here!!


On April 07, 2016, Carol wrote:
Another awesome day at the Kitchen Work Shop
On Wed., April 6, I had the opportunity to participate in a wonderful session with Art. We have a group of women who get together monthly to try our best to change our eating habits to healthy choices. It was suggested that we take a "cooking" class to help us with these choices. A few of us had been to Arts classes in the past, therefore, the decision was made! We were not disappointed! Art helped us make several vegetable dishes which were awesome, we learned how to skin salmon, and finalized the lunch with fresh fruit topped with an amazing low fat ricotta cheese topping. Yum! Art is always a delight! He is patient and uses his skill and his sense of humor to teach skills even to the most experienced cook. I can't wait to go back! Thanks Art for another fun day!


On January 07, 2016, Linda wrote:
Birthday Ladies
Each year my friend and I celebrate our February birthdays by taking a cooking class with Art, at the Kitchen Workshop. We both love to cook and bake. We have so much fun in these classes, and even though we have cooked for years, we always learn something. One year we missed going because a friend gave me a gift certificate to another cooking class, in King of Prussia. That class was no comparison to our experience with Art.


On November 12, 2015, Kaitlyn wrote:
Exceeded My Expectations!
Art and the Kitchen Workshop well beyond exceeded my expectations. The classes were all about learning to cook in the most comfortable, warm and welcoming atmosphere. It allows you to connect with others and eat a meal together that you- as a team- worked to prepare. Art is also so incredibly knowledgeable and the perfect host. Sign me up for the next one!


On September 14, 2014, Katie wrote:

Art is such a great guy . Art has offered to work with my friends who have intellectual disabilities. Art is patient and is able to give my group the self confidence that they need we love Art


On July 28, 2014, Linda wrote:
Wedding Shower
We recently had my step-daughter's wedding shower at the Kitchen Workshop. It was a blast! Everyone had a great time and even the more seasoned cooks learned a few things. Art is so great to work with...from selecting the menu to his patience and humor with working with all of us that night. He really made sure our party ran smoothly and was a success! Thanks Art (and Linda who kept our work areas spic and span)!


On June 03, 2014, Beverly wrote:
Summer Pasta Sauces
What a great evening we had tonight. Cooking was fun and a great learning experience. I can't wait to sign up for another class!


On March 11, 2014, Maureen wrote:
Wonderful evening of food and fun

Thanks so much for a wonderful evening of food and fun in the French Cooking class. Your relaxed attitude sets the tone for learning and enjoyment. Too many cooks take themselves way too seriously. All the food was delicious and I am now enjoying Greek yogurt with assorted berries that you sent me home with. Yum!

I will review the schedule of classes and find another, and I will make at least one thing from the class this week. You run a great business.



On January 23, 2014, Leah wrote:
Boot Camp
I am currently enrolled in Boot Camp with Art and although I am not a beginner cook, I am learning some new techniques and having fun learning with Art. He is a very good and patient teacher. He and his team manage to make each class fun. It is a hands-on, fast paced class and entertaining. Each class we make about four different dishes based on the weekly theme.

If you are looking for a class to learn to cook, I would recommend taking this class. You will learn to cut, chop, and slice properly. Become a whiz at soups, sauces, dinner salads to name just a few skills.


On December 01, 2013, Kthroughfood wrote:
Cooking Tex-Mex
My mother and I went for our first cooking class a few months ago and loved it! My mom got a gift certificate for Christmas and I found a deal on Living Social. Great evening start to finish. Read my blog for more information and pictures! www.kthroughfood.com


On April 02, 2013, Carol wrote:
Birthday Surprise
After having had the fun experience of a few classes at the Kitchen Workshop, I thought it would be a great surprise to celebrate a friend's birthday. She and I arrived first and as we were pouring our glass of wine, our other guests showed up. She couldn't believe it! We laughed a lot, ate too much and took home so many ideas. We can't wait to come back. Thanks so much Art for a great night!


On October 22, 2012, Kat wrote:
Birthday fun for my family
Art, thank you so much for a great time last night. Everyone had so much fun, I sure hope you did. They are a crazy bunch, but you were wonderful with them. The food was fantastic as usual and your humor was fantastic. Thanks again


On September 30, 2012, Cynthia Dunne wrote:
This was my first cooking class and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Art is such an excellent instructor. I would recommend the class for anyone. From the very beginning, you were made to feel as though you had been to many classes. I also learned a few good tips.

I'm going back in November and I can't wait. Thanks Art !!!!


On July 03, 2012, Lauren H wrote:
What a fantastic way to spend an evening!
The Kitchen Workshop has all the ingredients for the perfect multi-generational party. We wanted to gather family - ages 8 to 70 - to celebrate "PopPop's" 70th birthday in a unique way. Art's wonderfully dry sense of humor fit right in with our family and he managed to keep all 4 grands (ages 10, 10, 9, 8, including my awesome nephew who happens to have autism), completely engaged, giving them all a real sense of accomplishment. He suggested a menu (with a variety of options) everyone could enjoy. It was a well organized, relaxed & fun evening.


On May 30, 2012, Jennifer B. wrote:
Girl Scout Party
I recently brought my Junior Girl Scout Troop out to The Kitchen Workshop for a little hands on cooking fun and the girls LOVED it! They had a great time preparing the food (especially the homemade pasta!) and eating it (especially the chocolate cupcakes!). Art made sure a good time was had by all. I would definitely recommend this to all troop leaders!


On May 07, 2012, Linda wrote:
Hi Art,

It is Linda from you last Monday’s Cooking w/out a recipe class.

I really enjoyed your class. :-)

Tuesday I was having the leftover Chicken Athena for lunch that I brought home from Monday’s class and my kids ate all of it. So, we went to the store and bought some ingredients that I did not have @ home. We made that for dinner that night. My son LOVED pounding the chicken. I had left over penne so I put that in the pan for about 1 min to heat up. My husband is not a Feta fan, so he shaved some parmesan on his. My daughter and I used the feta. My son does not really care for cheese so he did not put any on his. This recipe is definitely one of the family favorites. :-)

The next day, I roasted some veggies. I decided to clean out my fridge and used 1 cob of corn, orange bell pepper, 2 sweet potatoes, zucchini, squash, mushrooms and onion. Boy did the house smell GREAT when my husband walked in the door. I put it in a pretty bowl that I purchased @ Pier One that morning. I put shavings of parmesan on it and added some balsamic vinegar. Oh my goodness, it was delicious. My husband had 2 servings of it.

The next day, I put some veggies in a wrap, added some parmesan cheese and made a quesadilla w/ it. Yummy!!!

Thank you for giving me some tips and tricks in the kitchen. I will definitely return to your kitchen in the future.

Thanks again,
Linda :-)


On March 22, 2012, Chris O wrote:
Pasta, Sauces and More
Thank you, Art, for a fun, informative evening. You gave the specifics that my Italian mother took for granted that I would know. Can't wait to try the recipes on my own. This would be a great girls' night out venture... food, wine and an entertaining chef/instructor.


On March 21, 2012, Karen wrote:
Pasta and Sauces Class
I had a great time at this class and learned alot. I have never been to a cooking class and I will definately take another one. From the time I walked in it was very relaxed. The wine was a plus. Thanks Art for a very memorable experience. Hope to see you soon.


On March 19, 2012, Gregory wrote:
Thank you for the open class on Saturday
From Debbie, and from my mother Barbara, and from me, we all want to thank you for having the open class on Saturday teaching grilling Pizza.

Deb said it was a great re-fresher course for me. We did some pizza cookout grilling last August and later in the Fall.

We *now* plan on a cookout event where we'll make the pizza dough for our guests and have a toppings table for guests to "customize" their own pizzas.

Sunday Debbie emailed her Ukrainian-American friend to think up some Ukrainian toppings for a Ukrainian version for pizza grilling.
I have a jar of Polish pickled red cabbage & apple that may help like the sauerkraut on the Ruben pizzas.


On March 14, 2012, Bubba's birthday wrote:
Bubba's 19th birthday
We had a group of 18 and 19 year old young men, they had a great time. Art did an amazing job with the kids. They all grilled delicious and very different pizza's. I was not sure how this was going to go with a group of young men that are all Jocks. But it was fabulous. Thank you Art


On March 12, 2012, Lauren wrote:
Bachelorette Party
We had an amazing time at the kitchen workshop! Private classes and a homey atmosphere make the entire experience very unique. Art does a wonderful job balancing teaching cooking techniques while also managing to wax poetically on current events and pop culture. Alternating between cooking, eating, and laughing, the session flew by! We left with new cooking skills, a packet of great recipes, and some great memories. Thanks, Art!


On January 14, 2012, Maribeth & Jason wrote:
Great Party!
We had a fantastic birthday party for our daughter Emma and her friends! The kids were really into making (eating) the lemonade, pizza and cupcakes! It was really hands on which they loved. The party was also enjoyed by the many parents who stayed to watch and even help. Art, you have a wonderful space for a party and your helpers were terrific. Many, many thanks for being so gracious and for making our party such a great event!


On July 17, 2011, wrote:
My First Cooking Class
I had my first cooking class today at The Kitchen Workshop. What a great time. The class was on making jams and spreads. Art was wonderful with a great sense of humor. He made this hands on course fun and interesting. Thru out the class he gave tips on different recipes and techniques. We even learned how to make a great cream of mushroom soup and had it for lunch. We had lots of samples to take home too! Would recommend these cooking workshop to anyone who loves to cook.


On May 25, 2011, Michelle wrote:
My first cooking class was AMAZING!!!
Hi Art,

I had the best time at your Kitchen Workshop class! It was so much fun and can’t wait to take my mom for her b-day in Sept. (if I don’t make it back sooner w/my husband). The food was amazing and the company was fantastic! I never did a cooking class before and now can’t stop thinking of all the yummy food we had…You have a hidden paradise there and can’t wait to tell my friends about it…

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


On April 22, 2011, Trish Turner wrote:
Great for Pre-teen Birthdays
Art, I just wanted to let you know how much fun my daughter and her 7 friends had today. They said this was the most fun thing they had ever done at a birthday party. They were full of energy when they came in and at times it got a bit loud with all the girls talking at once but you were great with them. Your unending patience in handling these rowdy 9 year olds was impressive. I will definitely be spreading the word about you and The Kitchen Workshop to all of my friends and the parents at school. I know my girlfriends would love to do a girls night out there and I'm also going to schedule my husband for a grilling class. Thanks again for everything. It truly was a fun day. Thank Sharon for all of her help as well.


On April 18, 2011, Dana wrote:
Truly a great time and I would recommend this to ANYONE!
Art- I can't thank you enough for the wonderful experience at The Kitchen Workshop a couple weeks ago! Lori and I wanted to have a fun bonding experience with our co-workers and the evening in your kitchen was exactly what we wanted! You have a great sense of humor and laid back demeanor and did a fantastic job including everyone in our group and having fun with all our personalities! We came away a more close-knit group and the next day we had wonderful positive feedback from everyone! In addition to that, we have some delicious recipes we can't wait to try out on our friends and families for the holidays!

Truly a great time and I would recommend this to ANYONE!

Warm regards,


On October 17, 2010, katee wrote:
Learning while Cooking
This class was excellent. This was the first cooking class I have ever taken and walked away with an enormous amount of information. The information was not limited to Indian cooking, but included much knowledge on basic cooking and cutting techniques, herbs, spices, etc...valuable tools for everyday simple at home cooking.

Art has a very strong teaching skill set. He has the ability to maintain the attention of all learning types; expressive, visual, drivers, the analytical and the logical, with his hands on/ step back style. He keeps the ball rolling and answers all questions with understandable answers. He has a very down to earth style which is not at all intimidating.

My husband and I took two "couples" classes and will be back for more. I highly recommend it for a 'date night option'. The food is incredible, I personally ate more in each evening while learning at the Kitchen Workshop then i would in an entire day.


On October 8, 2010, Charlotte wrote:
What a MARVELOUS time we all had!
Well - its hard to explain what a MARVELOUS time we all had! Everyone was excited and impressed with the experience (in fact, no one wanted to leave - lol). Some were impressed by the atmosphere, some by the quality of the food, others by the recipes - but all in all, we had a great time and we all came away having learned something new. BTW, you might enjoy knowing that everyone enjoyed the "Entertainment by Art". I know that you will be contacted by some of these ladies to book their own events.

Art, I sincerely thank you for a terrific "Girls Night Out" and look forward to other events at your Workshop. Thanks a million millions.


On September 14, 2010, Lynne wrote:
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
Words cannot express my thanks to you and to your friend Debbie for your generous gifts of time, talent and treasure last Thursday! I witnessed your kind heart and friendly personality while my nephew Chris learned some cool cake decorating techniques from Debbie. I can definitely see why so many people love your place! When Chris's dad died, I seriously didn't know what he was going to do to take his mind off of the events of the past month. It was a hard month for him and he still had three weeks till school started. That's when I thought of your kids cooking camp and thought it would be perfect for him. But when I saw it was filled, I was crushed. Little did I know that your heart has no boundaries and you immediately came up with something to do for Chris. It was so amazing that you just put that cake decorating class together and it served to thank Angelina as well. She is a super nice young lady and I was happy to meet her and her family. Thank you so much for all that you do, not only for Chris but for everyone who comes into contact with you. I get the feeling you have a positive influence on many people. Me included!

So, Chris and I decided that he wanted to write a note to Debbie AFTER he took the class so he could tell her what he learned and how much he enjoyed it. That's why we didn't come with a note in hand. As soon as I get him for the afternoon again, we will both sit down and write to her. (and you) I know Chris had a fabulous time. When I drove him home that day, his family was there and saw his cake. They all oooooh'd and aaaaaah'd over it and said how amazing it was!

Thanks to you that was possible and it was a truly a gift from the heart.

Thanks again, Art, hope to see you soon.


On September 14, 2010, Sandi Gorman, T&E Cares wrote:
Thank you so much!
Through the generosity of a number of camps in the community, and a grant to T&E Care, over 35 local children were able to enjoy a week (or more) of summer camp experience this past June, July, and/or August. Many of these children had never been to camp before – their families simply could not afford to send them. Some of the children had gone to camp in the past, but their moms and/or dads had lost their jobs, so family finances were too tight to cover the costs this year.
Your two scholarships were a HUGE assistance to our program. I know the one girl who attended gave your camp rave reviews. I hope the other camper did attend and found it to be a great experience as well.
Because you and other camp directors were willing to offer these scholarships, we were able to stretch our financial payments out so 19 of the 35 kids attended at no cost. We received over $4000 in scholarship offers! Many others attended at reduced rates. That is so exciting. It’s not uncommon for a week of camp to have significant impact on a child’s life – you never know when that will happen. I do know that these 35 kids would have had nothing big to look forward to if we hadn’t been able to help with this program.
Thanks as always for your continued efforts on behalf of the kids in this community! It is our hope that next summer even more kids will be given the chance to have something special to look forward to. If you have any comments on the program - I'd appreciate any feedback you can offer.
My best,


On August 24, 2010, Robyn wrote:
The PERFECT birthday party
Dear Chef Art,

When my daughter wanted a birthday party with a French theme I instantly knew that cooking a French meal with her friends at the Kitchen Workshop would be perfect! I think I was more excited than she was - but of course, I had been there before and I knew how much fun it would be.

Your work area is beautiful, sparkling-clean, and spacious, yet homey with lots of room for her friends to spread out. You are a wonderful teacher and the girls had a blast preparing and then eating the meal that THEY prepared. You have a relaxed and fun teaching style and a great way of engaging every person to make them feel a part of the action. Just when I thought they might lose focus, you would get their attention again by telling funny stories or interesting facts about France and French cooking.

Everything was delicious, of course but the chocolate soufflé for dessert was nothing short of amazing (I think they were amazed to think they actually made it!). Everyone raved about how much fun they had and how you inspired them to learn more about cooking.

Thanks so much for pulling off the PERFECT birthday party!


On March 24, 2010, Michael - United States Liability Insurance Group wrote:
Great Job!

We did have a great time and enjoyed ourselves. You did a great job! I have already passed the word around to some of my peers and told them about the great experience. I found it to be a great team building event.

Thanks again,



On February 14, 2010, Traci wrote:
Fun time for us

I just had to tell you that my daughter and I had a great time making pasta. She was so excited about her class that we needed to make it for dinner the next night.

She is looking forward to our next class PB&J and Beyond.

Thanks for a great time of cooking.


On February 12, 2010, Barbara wrote:
Fun in the kitchen!
For the first time in my life I am having fun in the kitchen cooking. I am fearless. Haha.

I am also going to make the chocolate soufflé. Just got the ingredients and 2 new soufflé dishes. Two sizes to choose from. Yippeee.

Thanks for helping me with this new found interest of mine.



On January 21, 2010, Kelly D. - National Training Manager wrote:
Thank you from Synthes
Dear Art,

Please excuse this long overdue note of thanks, but I promised that I'd send you something in writing for your |wall of fame| to go along with all of the other thank you notes from your customers.

Speaking for the entire group, I can tell you that we had an absolute blast at the Kitchen Workshop on the evening of January 6, 2010. We were looking for an evening activity for our work group after a day long staff meeting that got people up and moving, instead of the ¡¥usual¡¦ dinner out at a local restaurant. Boy - did our experience with you and your staff EXCEED OUR EXPECTATIONS!!!!!!!

I hope this message conveys not only our thanks, but is a fun reminder of our time together:

S-ugar measurement is definitely done faster by Michelle than it was by Staci!
Y-ummy Greek food; fun to prepare and delicious to eat!
N-ever trust people who are drinking (lots of) wine to cook without making mistakes!
T-ime together doing something fun & different was a great bonding experience for all of us.
H-elpful staff ¡V answered questions and made the evening fun!
E-verything was organized and prepared for our visit.
S-tay in business!!!!!!!! We want to come back!!!!!!!!

Thank you again Art. We all hope to see you again soon!


On December 30, 2009, Joanne wrote:
Thank you for an amazing party!
Thank you so much for the wonderful party you hosted for my daughter, Faith, and her friends. We sure hope you have recovered!

The girls all had an amazing time and could not stop talking about how delicious everything tasted! Your workshop is absolutely beautiful and is the perfect atmosphere in which to share your passion for cooking and creating!

Thank you again for sharing your talents and having such an amazing party for us!


On May 01, 2009, Sharon wrote:
Thank you for the boot camp experience!
Hi Art,

I’d like to thank you for the great experience I’ve had in boot camp at the Kitchen Workshop. The useful tips, cooking techniques and recipes I’ve learned in the course have really changed the way I cook for my family! I loved the variety of topics we covered from how to hone my knives and chop vegetables in the first class to creating all of the delicious soups, salads and entrees throughout the 10 weeks.

I have always had the desire to become a better cook, but I could never seem to get there by pulling recipes from my cookbooks or even by watching the food network. The hands-on training at the Workshop has been so invaluable for me. Boot camp was the best way by far to improve my knowledge and skills in the kitchen. In addition, the classes were always a lot of fun, and all of the good times and laughs our group shared together were an added bonus while learning!

Thanks again for the boot camp experience, and I look forward to many more enjoyable classes at the Kitchen Workshop.


On February 18, 2009, Carrie wrote:
Didn't Know What to Expect...
I just attended my first Kitchen Workshop class yesterday evening. I wasn't sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised with tips I learned, the company I was in and Art's vast knowledge in the kitchen and willingness to answer any and all of my culinary questions. I've already signed up for next week's class!

PS - I have severe nut allergies, but Art and his team accommodated me by keeping all nuts separate from all of our dishes without making me feel like an inconvenience! :)


On January 08, 2009, Monique - AMETEK Leadership Development Specialist wrote:
Corporate Team Building
The Kitchen Workshop gave us a wonderful opportunity to connect with our colleagues outside of our typical corporate environment. It was a night filled with good company and most importantly great food ;) Art and his team are experienced professionals who helped even those with little cooking experience contribute to making a great meal.


On July 12, 2008, Lorena wrote:
Super Summer Camp
This camp has been a terrific experience for my 10-year-old daughter. She learned a lot about cooking and had lots of fun doing it. Art is a great teacher and really connects with the kids. We will definitely do this again!


On June 18, 2007, Brooke wrote:
Bread Baking Class!!!
This is just a note to tell you how much we loved the cooking class. My friends and I had so much fun. I changed my mind, my favorite food was the challah bread. We still make fun of Kristyn about her golden delicious apples. We look forward to seeing you again for the summer treats backing class. Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the class. Thanks for being a great chef.


On May 10, 2007, Ann N. wrote:
Wonderful Class!
Thank you for such a wonderful class last night! We thoroughly enjoyed the menu, food, wine, humor, and expert instruction. I am eagerly awaiting my lunch this afternoon :) You and Sandie were so helpful and knowledgeable. We had such a wonderful time and we will continue to spread the word of your cooking classes.

Matt and I would like to sign up for another one of your cooking class
or perhaps a cooking party.

Thanks again for everything!


On February 05, 2007, Dante, RHR International wrote:
Office Team Building A Big Hit!
Our office celebration experience at Kitchen Workshop was a big hit! It was fun, energizing and promoted team collaboration in a very effective and unique way. Having Art Roman and the place to ourselves without distractions provided a great environment for learning, interacting and
building trust with each other. Art is a master at keeping the team
focused and adjusting to the different needs of individual team members.
Everyone on the team learned something new about preparing food and cooking, even our most seasoned veterans came away with some new tips...And most importantly the food was exceptional. We highly recommend the Kitchen Workshop experience when celebrating group achievements and as a team building experience!


On October 04, 2006, Melinda Black wrote:

Thank you for making our dinner club's last meeting so great! We always have a good time, but it is usually a lot of work for everyone. This time, you and Sandy did all the work and we just enjoyed our time together - plus the awesome food! Thank you for planning a delicious and fun menu, doing all the shopping and prep, and entertaining us while we were learning. All of the ladies LOVED not having to cook and clean, and even the men really enjoyed talking to you about your grilling and chopping techniques. And EVERYONE loved the food! We may never host our own party again after discovering the fun and ease of a private party at The Kitchen Workshop! Thank you, Art and Sandy, for a terrific evening!


On September 24, 2006, Patricia wrote:
Fantastic Team Building Event
Hi Art,

I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank you and your staff for a fantastic time last Thursday night. Although I was unable to participate, I heard nothing but rave reviews about the good time had by all! The Global Customer Service team here at Thomson Scientific is a newly formed team and the 4-days they spent together last week allowed them to map out their strategic plan for 2007. The team building event was an opportunity for them to get to know each other better in a setting other than the office, or board/war room.

We greatly appreciate all you and your staff did to make this a worthwhile event for everyone. The service was excellent and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I will definitely recommend this to others who are interested in a unique and fun team building event (and my relatives/friends who need some cooking lessons).


On April 27, 2006, Kelly - West Chester, PA wrote:
Art Talk Thai Very Well!!!!
We had the best time at our girl's night out & I can't stop talking about how easy, fun and delicious everything was! We made fabulous Thai food ... Fishcakes, Coconut, Crab & Coriander Soup, Pork & Prawn Lettuce Wraps, Green Curry Chicken over Jasmine Rice and Coconut Pancakes and Caramelized Bananas with a Lime Sauce. We even made Chai Tea - which typically I am not a fan of -and it was delicious! The set-up was perfect with the cooking island, bistro tables (with lots of wine :)) and the dining table for our entrée. Art was an excellent instructor whose approach was casual, but very knowledgeable providing great insight on cooking, tips & techniques. He made it very easy & fun to cook a six-course gourmet meal and was very patient with our loud, chatty group! It was one of the best evenings I've had in a long time and I will definitely be going back as well as spreading the word...thanks again!


On April 17, 2006, Cheryl wrote:
Learned so much at "Hook, Line, and Sinker" MLSN class
After being very disappointed with 2 out of 3 Main Line School Night classes that I took this semester (on other topics), I had some worries about my scheduled cooking class. Fortunately, Art's fish and seafood cooking class greatly exceeded my expectations. As an experienced cook, I found Art's approach to recipes ("they're just guides") very helpful and his willingness to suggest variations so insightful. Every recipe we prepared is worth repeating at home, and I learned a number of new chopping, pureeing, etc. techniques.
I look forward to taking additional classes at The Kitchen Workshop.


On February 27, 2006, Mark wrote:
What a fun time
Hey Chef Art,

I had a fantastic time at last nights pizza grilling class and will be back for more!!! I loved the recipes, the food was great and you are an incredible instructor!

I have told all my friends at work and we hope to get a group of us together to take another great class soon.


On February 27, 2006, Beth wrote:
What a great night!
Dear Art,

I just wanted to thank you for such a great night. We all had a great time. The recipes were fantastic. I loved the mango,strawberry salsa. It is so good and yet so easy to make. I am the worst cook in the world, but I can definitely make all of these recipes. I also love that was could book a private party. Having the whole kitchen for just us was great. Everyone that came with us wants to book there own parties for future. Thanks again!!!


On January 26, 2006, Austin wrote:
Our Team Building Event
Hi Art,

Thanks for a great meal and lots of fun.

We will be sure to remember The Kitchen Workshop for future team building events!


On January 23, 2006, Peggy wrote:
Wonderful Team Building Event

Since I had such a wonderful time with my Team Building event and I raved to all my friends how wonderful your classes are, myself and my 3 Villanova buddies are trying to schedule a cooking class some evening in the next few weeks.


On December 5, 2005, Janet wrote:
Loved the Rajun Cajun
Just wanted you to know over Thanksgiving break I made your Rajun Cajun menu for my husband, my son, his girlfriend and Kathleen. I made the shrimp, kielbasa and corn. Everyone really loved it and want me to make it often! My son's girlfriend is a vegetarian but eats shrimp. I made hers without kielbasa. Her loss. She really liked everything too


On December 1, 2005, Karen wrote:
soo good...
Dear Art,

I had such a good time making pasta, meatballs, and cupcakes. Thanks so much! My friends keep telling me how much fun they had and that they want to go back. I ate the pasta for dinner that night and I couldn't have eaten it faster. We are going to make the meatballs and sauce this week because they were soo good.


On November 29, 2005, Janeen wrote:
thoroughly enjoyed the class, the food and the chef!
Hi Art,

Thank you for such a special and instructive evening. I've been getting phone calls all day from all my "drinking" buddies who were there last night and have been raving about what a wonderful time they had. They thoroughly enjoyed the class, the food and the chef! I hope this exposure will help grow your business. The ladies were already saying that taking a class with you would make for a great "ladies night out" and will spread the word about you. Looking forward to last night's leftovers for dinner soon. Once again, many thanks for a memorable evening.



On October 12, 2005, Margaret wrote:
It was great!

I just wanted to thank you again for last night’s class. It was great! Trying to decide if I want to make the egg rolls or artichoke dip first – such decisions.

I’m looking forward to signing up again soon.

Thanks so much!


On October 7, 2005, Kathy wrote:
Wonderful Time
Well...the ladies had a wonderful time and we've just finished our water cooler chats. Those that didn't go are very jealous!! We are plotting our next outing. Mary Lou doesn't want to do chocolate but she may be a minority. Thanksgiving side dishes on Sat 11/17 is looking good and Holiday appetizers....We'll be holding a information session at our lunch table today.

Thanks again for a great night


On October 1, 2005, Bobbi wrote:
Thanks again and Happy Anniversary
Hey Art,

Thank you so much for today, as usual we had a blast. Every dish was better than the last.

Thanks again and Happy Anniversary.


On August 19, 2005, Joellyn wrote:
Such a MEMORABLE experience for my Team
The votes are in and last night was a STELLAR EVENT!!! Everything was DELICIOUS! The grilling was a super BONUS!!!! As you could tell we all had a LOT of FUN!

My SINCERE THANK to you and your Mom for creating such a MEMORABLE experience for my Team.

It really went beyond my expectations!

What a FABULOUS concept.

My apologies for our not always giving you our undivided attention, we were just having TOO MUCH FUN .

As a teacher, I know that working with a group like us is a real challenge.

Thanks for putting up with us.

As the saying goes…we work hard and we PLAY even harder!

If ever you need a model student to demonstrate the “DON’Ts”, you know who to call on (ha ha)

Very much enjoyed!!


On July 21, 2005, Jane wrote:
Thanks for the great class!
Hey Art! Thanks for the great class! I am enjoying every minute and I'm glad it shows. And I was talking about you on the air on Tuesday! We were selling the microplane product and I talked about my friend Art, chef extraordinaire, and your cooking classes!

My daughter and I will be back in the fall, summer is nuts with kids and swim meets! See you soon!


On July 18, 2005, Elaine wrote:
I could live off your salsa

We had a great time. It was so much fun and you and your mom were great. Kim can't wait to get back there on Thursday. I have already bought strawberries and mangoes for the salsa. I think I could live off of just that dish, okay, add some shrimp and scallops and I could be good for quite a while.

Thanks once again. If you need a volunteer to help out, let me know the schedule and I will see what I can do. Even if I helped once a month, I would still love to do it.


On July 18, 2005, Janet wrote:
My little chef Kathleen
Kathleen quietly walks up beside me and starts helping me cook everyday. She never had much interest in cooking before, but now she is so confident about cooking. She is really cute with the utensils you gave her. Whenever she cooks she uses her own measuring cups and spoons. She was so pleased you gave them to her.


On July 6, 2005, Janet wrote:
Great first day of Summer Camp
Kathleen was absolutely thrilled with her first day of camp. She talked about cooking all night and her self confidence was so much better than usual. We had all the delicious food for dinner and she was extremely proud of everything she made and the fact that she did the work herself! Kathleen's boyfriend, stayed for dinner and was extremely impressed with Kathleen's cooking! Thanks for everything.


On June 30, 2005, Ronit wrote:
Wonderful Kids Summer Camp
Dear Art,

THANK YOU!!! I'm so glad we found you. I visited my dad last night and the boys seemed to be very happy. What a wonderful experience for them. We are so lucky to have hooked up with you. My younger daughter Julie is begging me to send her to your school next year. My stepmom, Ruth, is raving about you! I only regret not having the opportunity to meet you in person (yet). Eli's mom will pick them up tomorrow.

Thank you again for all you have done for our kids! I will recommend you to everyone!


On June 20, 2005, Debbie wrote:


We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! You and your mother made everyone feel comfortable and at ease. The foods that we prepared were excellent. I couldn't decide which dish I liked the best! I made copies of the recipes for a few of my staff who like to cook.

I do plan on taking another class with you. It was such a great experience!


On May 9, 2005, Eileen wrote:
Best "Sister's Night" yet...

We had a fabulous time! One of the best "Sister's Night" yet and of course I planned it and you were a great teacher.

Your establishment is very cool and we are all the best source of advertisement.

Thank you again and to your Mother as well.



On April 11, 2005, Kristin wrote:
Our bridal shower was simple fantastic!
Hi Art.

I hosted a bridal shower at the Kitchen Workshop and it was simply fantastic. All of the guests raved about how our afternoon at the Kitchen Workshop, where we all cooked and shared a delicious Greek meal together, was so much better than a traditional, boring shower where all you do is play the same old games and watch the bride open gifts. The cooking class was a great way for guests who had never met to get to know each other in a casual, fun setting. And even the most experienced cooks in the class learned a thing or two. The best part is, when we all see each other again at the wedding, we will automatically have something to talk about!


On March 22, 2005, Phenelle wrote:
Fabulous time at the Singles Night
Hi Art,

Just want to tell you again what a fabulous time I had today both learning to cook with you and meeting new friends.

I called Ralph and raved about it, and found out that he tries to do it monthly. For some of us that don't like the "meat market" singles events, but prefer more intimate venues, your place is perfect. In addition, you and Sandy are wonderful "hosts/teachers". Even Sandy's cleanup was a lesson for some of us.

Once again thanks, and I plan to return when I can.


On March 20, 2005, Tracy wrote:
Rave Review
Hi Art-

I just wanted to let you know that we have you to thank for 2 extremely birthday parties for each of our two daughters! My 14 year old not only had a great time with her friends, but she also learned how to cook Chicken Piccata, make pasta from scratch and bake all in a few hours. My 12 year old enjoyed the pizza from scratch, rolling and squeezing lemons for lemonade and baking cupcakes. All the kids had a lot of fun! You did a great job giving them instruction (not too complicated and easy to follow)and they appreciated copies of the recipes so they could try it at home. An added bonus was you told them why (not to smash the flour into the measuring cup!). I even learned a few things.

Thanks again-we all had a great experience!! I would highly recommend The Kitchen Workshop for kids parties!


On December 12, 2004, Alex wrote:
I went nuts baking biscotti
After taking your class, I went nuts baking biscotti over the weekend.
THANK YOU for the great recipes and the fun time - it was really neat in spite of it being just the "3" of us. So far, the most popular has been the cranberry/white chocolate ones you recommended. BUT, I kept burning the white and dark chocolate trying to "melt" it for dipping.

Hope to take a class with a few other couples in the "dead of winter".

Thank you again for a great class!


On November 8, 2004, Theresa wrote:
My Girl Scout Love Our Class
The pleasure was all ours! My girl scout leader meeting is Wed. night and I hope that I can properly convey to them what a great time our girls had cooking with you!
Thanks again, Art!


On November 7, 2004, Lori wrote:
We had a blast!
Hi Art,

We had a blast, thanks again.


On October 18, 2004, Jodi wrote:
Great Class!
Thanks again for a great class! My Mom and I really enjoyed ourselves and learned some great new techniques. And special thanks from my husband too - he really enjoyed the leftovers! We will be registering for another class soon.

Jodi B


On August 25, 2004, Diane wrote:
Hi Art,

The "Crochet Club Girls" had a GREAT time on Monday night. We learned a lot and really enjoyed ourselves. The recipes were SO easy and good. I can't wait to try them. Actually you inspired me so much that I went to the outlets yesterday and bought a micro-grater. Just for your information, they have the Sil Pats at the Pfaltzgraf outlet. They have three different sizes; small, medium and large. To be honest I'm not sure exactly how much each of them were, but I know the price that you told us and the large one was in line with that.

Again, we had a great time - thank YOU for a fun, informative evening. We'll be back I'm sure!